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Peek behind the scenes of a novel

For every novel I write - there is up a year of research. Developing the story often involves interviewing people who remember or lived through eras of 20th century history, picking through books written at that time. However, these days evertyhing a writer needs can be found online and every writing week I spend HOURS flitting about the internet picking up gems of information, inspirational images, soundtracks and videos to help me paint a full picture of the era and the women I am writing about. Pinterest has ben a Godsend for me in filing and collating research. I gather everything and file into Pinterest mood boards as I go along. I use the page as a ongoing reference but the boards also to help me keep a record, not just of the stuff that makes it into the book but all the research and ideas that doesn't. When an idea doesn't make it into one novel - sometimes it can be used again in another. When you are an ongoing working writer - no idea or thought is wasted. Check out my Pinterest page for behind the scenes on all the Kate Kerrigan novels.

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